Thursday, October 29, 2009

Due 11/3

A. Complete Storyboard.
B. All pre-production complete -- props, costumes and supplies all secured
C. Rehearse -- bring in notes regarding

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Performance artists

Joseph Beuys
Vito Acconci
Marina Abramovic
Joey Arias
Matthew Barney
Chris Burden
John Cage
Tony Conrad
Toni Dove
Karen Finley
Gary Hill
Leslie Hill and Helen Paris
Kim Jones
Joan Jonas
guillermo gomez pena
Paul McCarthy
Bruce Nauman
Tony Oursler
Martha Rosler
Carolee Schneemann
Basil Twist
Doug Skinner and Michael Smith
Annie Sprinkle
Survival Research Laboratories

due 10/29

When Writing Character… Keep in mind this:

Psychology: the study of the human mind

1. How does your character think?
2. How does your character think he/she thinks?
3. What does your character want?
4. What does your character think he/she wants?
5. What does your character believe?
6. What does your character think he/she believes?
7. What is your character’s truth? Mythology?
8. What is your character’s real truth? Real Mythology?
9. What does your character need?
10. What does your character think he/she needs?
11. What actions does your character undertake?
12. Why does your character think he/she does what he/she does?

What the audience needs:
• Understanding: What events past, present and future push your
character into action
• Emotion: How your character feels
• Urgency: How important this is for your character
• Sympathy: Why your character does what he/she does
• Specificity: Detail making your character’s motivation clear
• Originality: Something we’ve either not seen before or have seen
before but is being presented in a different way.
• Mystery: Building the puzzle about what your character will learn
about him/herself one piece at a time
• Flaw: A problem to help humanize your character in our eyes.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Due 10/27

a. revise your vertical project. have a complete/final edit exported as a .h264 movie file -- place on the server and post to your blog with an assignment write-up.

b. get together as a group and develop a project. you should have a complete outline posted to your blog.

Due 10/22

Complete all production for your vertical project. Bring your materials to class for review.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Due 10/15

Revise Project Concepts -- post revisions to your blog

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Due 10/13

A. Make revisions to your DVD -- menus, statements, etc. etc.

B. Post a fully developed concept for your "vertical" project. You must have scanned storyboards and location photos.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Due 10/8

A. Screen Meshes in the Afternoon a second time. Post a response that deals with the "vision" of the film -- or theme -- or narrative -- or point of view -- etc. etc. etc. -- Focus on content v. technique -- or is it impossible to separate?

B. Read -- Poetry and the Film: A symposium
Post your responses to the reading.

C. Complete your DVD -- have it burned and ready for review @ 1pm.
Be sure to include on the dvd-rom portion of your disc:
artists statement
video synopsis
production still/s

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Due 10/6

A. Final Edit of your project

B. Prepare for your project:

Artist Stmt/Bio(100words)

give your piece a Title

Video Synopsis (50 words)

Still 4” x 6”, TIF, 300 dpi

C. Watch

Maya Deren's

Meshes in the Afternoon

At Land

Post a short review on your blog