Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Due 12/1 -- Screening Preparation

Final Screening Format exported as an .h264 mov file and placed on the server. Make sure the film will play back smoothly.

Secure all permissions
Confirm Donald Kelly
Myers has been reserved 12/2 from 8a.m. - 1:30

When/How will your invitations be delivered?
What other strategies are in development regarding marketing/promotion.
Posters and invitations should be up/out.

What time will you be set-up?
Detail what your set-up involves.
List all props and materials needed.

How will you document the event?

Fill in the blank/s
I will consider this event a success if _________ ____ __ __ ______ ______

Is success the right word?
How do you as an artist deem a work successful?
money? numbers? ideas? what?

How can you create a conversation with your audience -- feedback -- critique -- future collaboration?
Give me an outline/description of your next step -- following the "stunt" screening.

11/24 In Class

Write a review of your performance.

Discuss your individual performance and the performance of the group.

Where there any problems or positives that you did not expect or could be remedied for the future or further exploited?

Discuss feedback given by your audience.

Should any changes be made to future planned events in response to the performance?

How did you document the performance? Was the documentation adequate/appropriate for the performance?

Have you thought of any further strategies regarding documentation for future events.

How could you present this performance to a larger audience?

List any possible alternative venues.

Do you plan to integrate performance methods into your artistic practice in the future.

Thanksgiving Hours

The following are the Rust Hall access hours for Thanksgiving Holiday: the College will be closed from Wednesday, Nov. 25th at Noon through Friday, Nov. 27 at 8am and open Friday and throughout the weekend at regular access hours (24 hours except Saturday night).

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Due 11/24

1. Be prepared and ready for your performance by 4:45 -- this means you should be seated and ready by 4:45
2. Prepare a statement for the Administration regarding your December 2nd performance. Describe the importance and meaning of the event -- under 500 words.
3. Create the invitation for your event.
4. Begin brainstorming the final artist presentation -- screening the film and describing both process and content -- highlight the collaborative aspects and the multiple formats.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Due 11/19

1. Complete mock-up of the invitation -- have it printed out.
How will the invitations be presented?
Are you only publicizing with the invitations or will there posters etc.?
2. List of all props for Monday performance
3. Describe the "logistics" of the performance
when will you be here to set-up/tear down?
how will you enter and exit the space?
4. Describe the performance itself? What will you actually be doing? How will you be doing it?
5. Describe the "meaning" of the performance.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Due 11/17

A. Complete your edit -- export as an h.264 file
B. Come together as a group and devise an installation plan -- bring drawings, experiments and test composites

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Due 11/12

1. Assembly edit due
2. Work on synopsis and publicity materials for the Nov 23rd screening

Due 11/10

1. Digitized footage
2. Copy Scratch Disc/ Project Folder to the server for all to use
3. You will each create your own edit
4. Assembly edit due 11/12