Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Due 2/23


How to format your video clips --

To get the best performance when playing video clips, we suggest using the Photo JPEG codec. The following settings are optimum:
  • Codec: Photo JPEG
  • Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Quality: Best
Photo JPEG is works well for the following reasons:
  • The Photo JPEG codec is optimized for both Intel and older PowerPC based processors – it decompresses very fast, leaving more time for video processing.
  • It does not have "key frames" – this means that each frame of video is compressed into a single packet. This results in video that plays forwards and backwards equally well, and that you can jump to any frame of the video quickly. This is not the case with codecs like H264 or MP4.

How do I export video to the Photo JPEG format?

Most QuickTime based video editing software will allow you to export a file in the Photo JPEG format  If you have the Pro version of QuickTime you can used QuickTime Player to export the movie by following these steps.
You can also use compressor and mpegStreamClip.

Bring in test files for PowerHouse installation.
You should be able to discuss your design in relationship to the building/space -- and the relationship of the viewer to the worker -- and any performance aspects.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Due 2/21

there is a full unlocked version of isadora on the teacher's station -- you will be able to save your files there -- yeah!

you are to all bring in lots of tests! make sure to watch the online tutorials from the help section. the midi parts 1 and 2 are especially helpful if you are interested in the keyboard etc. -- we will discuss direction of the installation in conjunction with the readings thus far -- it has been some time since the first reading and the last reading was a quick turn around -- review them and bring in one discussion question for each -- jwiss

Aimee -- as you missed class you should review the online tutorials concerning Isadora -- they are really clear -- really great -- review -- to get to them open isadora from the applications folder -- isadora will launch then go to help along the top menu bar and select online tutorials --

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Due 2/16

A. Finish One Frame Project. Complete with credits. Post to your blog and place on the server.
B. Brainstorm/Read/Listen for Powerhouse Project

Read -- The Art of Noise
Listen -- Russolo

watch -- Bernie Krause talk: "the great animal orchestra"
read -- An intro to acoustic ecology
listen/look -- Stephen Vitiello -- Sound/Installation Artist

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Due 2/14

A. Have work posted to your blog and saved to the server.
B. Write a self-critique.
On the self-critique, please include the following information:
1. Title of your project
2. Main idea that you started with
3. Source of the idea and its importance to you
4. Key emotion or experience that you want your audience to experience
5. Theme or premise of the piece.
6. Problem areas. Include notes on your own and others suggestions for improvements. What can be done to resolve/improve problem areas.
7. Any additional Journal-type notes.
8. Exhibition Strategy. List specific festivals and venues.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Due 2/7

Complete production calendar -- your project should be at minimum 50% complete by tuesday.
Have your files ready to present for critique. Do not forget to post an assignment write-up on your blog.