Thursday, February 25, 2016

Due 3/1


A. Complete Proj  3. Saved to the server and embedded in your blog with an assignment write-up.
B. Midterm Portfolios due 3/8 -- revise and organize materials.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Due 2/25

A. Revise technique // further experiments if necessary // proof of look and feel not resolved.
B. Revise concept. Re-outline.
C. Gather/ create reference.
D. Storyboard.

All of the above should be posted to your blog. If you have new test movie files drop them on the server and embed in blog.

Room 204 -- Shooting Schedule


1 change to note -- von will be shooting 28th/Sun from 7am-12pm
scratch her time 2/25

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Due 2/23

A. experiment with techniques and tools - document and write a short response to your experiments. save to the server and embed in your blog the photographic evidence of your results. failed and successful. I am not looking for a finished piece -- this is to proof overall look and feel of your upcoming project.

B. be prepared to present the concept for project 3. mandatories:

Short Synopsis
Visual breakdown


Astigmatismo from Troshinsky on Vimeo.
Making Of Astigmatismo Short Film from Troshinsky on Vimeo.

Proj 3 -- Artists part 2

Liebling from izabela plucinska on Vimeo.

Project 3 -- Artists 1

The Man with the Beautiful Eyes from Jonathan Hodgson on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Due 2/18 -- Self-Critique

This self-critique is an important part of your film project (and
grade) and reflects the learning process
you went through. Please spend serious time preparing it and make it
no longer than 1000 words.

On the self-critique, please include the following information:
1. Title of your project
2. Main idea that you started with
3. Source of the idea and its importance to you
4. Key emotion or experience that you wanted your audience to experience
5. Brief, clear synopsis of the story
6. Theme or premise of the piece that you discovered after finishing it
7. Strengths of the film. Look for these in all areas.
8. Problem areas and your own suggestions for improvements
9. Journal-type notes on your own learning process, discoveries and

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Due 2/16

Project 2 due -- save to server and embed in your blog with assignment write-up.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Due 2/11

Continue work on project 2.
Bring materials to class for review and trouble shooting

Friday, February 5, 2016

Due 2/8

A. All materials created for project 2
B. Bring all materials to class
C. Post to your blog and be prepared to present your concept, completed storyboards, and visual materials to the class.

Shooting Dimensions


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dragonframe -- Review

Close any other applications that might connect to your camera.
  • For Mac OS X, Open Image Capture, select your camera, then in pop up area in lower-left select Connection camera opens: No application. // this has been done on all of our shooting computers.

Double Check Camera Settings:

  1. Set the Mode Dial to Manual (M).
  2. Set Auto Power Off to Off.
  3. Set Auto rotate to Off.
  4. Set Lens to Manual Focus and disable Image Stabilization.
  5. Remove the SD memory card.
  6. Set live view Exposure Simulation to On.
  7. Set Release shutter without card to ON orEnable.
  8. Set Live View shooting AF mode to Live mode
  9. Set Auto Lighting Optimizer to Off.
  10. Set Aspect ratio to 3:2.
  11. Set Quality to Lfine (18M 5184X2456) // I will not be instructing how to process RAW -- extra files and extra time -- get your exposure and white balance etc. baked in correctly the first time. If you want the ultimate control of RAW that is your decision. I will not assist with the RAW process. If you are interested in RAW process I suggest you take the DM260 Digital Imaging course.

Connect Camera with usb cord to computer.

Power up camera (If 1st time powering click ok in regards to the battery communication message on the camera screen)

Launch Dragonframe from Applications folder -- save your scene to the documents inside a named folder. It will appear as a .dgn folder. Inside your folder will be a collection of subfolders that contain your camera test shots, low res live preview images 1056 X 704, and high res finals 5184 X 3456.

Our High Res images capture at 5184 X 3456 -- this is not correct frame aspect ratio for our final HDTV 1080 24 output of 1920X1080. We need to live view our camera image with a 16:9 aspect ratio mask applied (set by selecting from the drop down menu -- green arrow on left in the image below). Once this is selected. You will see a mask (noted below with the red x's). You do not want to animated beneath this mask. The mask is only for our reference when shooting -- DF will not mask the captured file. That will happen when you export as a movie or will be done in post. 

SET FPS TO 24 -- right green arrow

LIVE PREVIEW SEEMS LIKE IT DISAPPEARED? Double check onion skin opacity. Have red ball in center for a clean live view.

We will use the export settings above for crit screenings etc. If you wish to edit into another program etc. Export using a lossless codec // movie type. You also have the option of exporting as an image sequence or grabbing your hi res files and taking into AE. If going to AE make sure to interpret your footage at the correct frame rate from the project window. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tech Intro Project 2


Watch the overview, new features, and all workspace videos
12 videos totalling approx. 30min

Due 2/4

A. Revise project 1. Save to server in 2_4 folder and embed in your blog with project statement.
B. Watch Tech intro videos for project 2.
C. Post project 2 concept* to blog as a detailed outline and short (150 word) synopsis. Include visual resources and thumbnails.
Restrictions for project 2:
this is not a "technical" exercise. your piece should be whole and stand alone
we will be shooting straight down from copy stand.
no digital effects / post production (titles/credits and sound post is ok)
think of this a an in camera edit
sound is optional but suggested
title sequence and credits should be included -- does it make sense to shoot hand made titles vs. computer generated?
D. Be prepared to discuss project 2 artist/influences videos.