Tuesday, April 26, 2016

TODAY -- 4/26 -- MEYERS -- 12PM

Today we will have a fantastic speaker here at MCA talking about design and the creative field, Josh Horton. The name of his talk is: Your Heart is Smarter Than You Think: Why conviction is creativity’s secret weapon
Josh Horton is a creative entrepreneur focused on the social and economic impact of design and creativity. A Memphis native, Josh started his design career in Seattle at Asterik Studio, Tooth & Nail Records, and Invisible Creature. He returned to Memphis in 2007 to build brands for small businesses and nonprofits that have positive impacts on the city. In 2014, Josh founded Creative Works, a three-day conference in Memphis that brings like-minded creatives from across the country together to share ideas, learn from peers, and get inspired. Josh is currently working toward making Creative Works a year-round entity to help young, talented creatives feel at home and make Memphis thrive.

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